You Pick…Design Your Own SEO Training

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We can custom-design SEO trainings to match the knowledge, skill level and goals of your marketing team – and it can be as broad or as specific as you want, as basic or as advanced as you need.

While all of our SEO trainings are customized (we use examples from your website and your industry), with these custom-designed SEO trainings, you’ll choose the areas of SEO that you’d like to learn more about.

Custom-Designed SEO Training Options
Some of the primary topics that we can cover in your custom-designed SEO training include:

We offer custom-designed SEO training for all types of marketing teams and marketing professionals, including:

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In addition to custom-designed SEO training, we also offer SEO 101 training, advanced SEO training, SEO writing training, advanced SEO writing training, SEO strategies training and more.

Our SEO training company is based in Denver, Colorado, and we work with marketing teams throughout the U.S. and Canada. Jennifer Croft has 14 years experience in SEO and has conducted more than 650 SEO trainings, for groups of all sizes.