SEO Training Delivery Options

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We’d love to train you and your marketing team on SEO, whether you are new to the practice or have been employing SEO techniques for years!

Below are our SEO training delivery options.

Group / Team SEO Trainings
We offer group and team training for SEO for all sizes and types of marketing teams, including: corporate marketing teams, non-profit marketing teams, higher ed marketing teams, and marketing and creative agency teams.

One-On-One SEO Trainings
We offer one-on-one SEO training for marketing professionals, including: marketing specialists, marketing managers, marketing directors, writers and copywriters, social media specialists, PR specialists, and website designers and developers.

SEO Workshops
We offer SEO workshops, which typically are 2-hour workshops, half-day workshops, or full-day workshops.

Remote SEO Training
We offer remote SEO training via Zoom or another video conferencing platform. We can record the SEO trainings so that you will have this training resource for people who can’t attend the training and/or new members who join your marketing team.

In-Person SEO Training
We offer in-person SEO training for marketing teams located in Denver and throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Hybrid SEO Training
We offer hybrid SEO training in Denver and throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you are interested in multiple SEO trainings, we can start with an in-person training session or two and then follow up with remote sessions (for individuals and/or your entire marketing team).

Please note that with all of the types of SEO training listed above, we customize the trainings to your website, your industry, and your learning goals and desired outcomes. And if you choose an SEO training package that includes multiple sessions, we can also assign “homework,” so that you can practice you and your team members can practice your new SEO skills and we can evaluate your work.

For more information about our SEO training options or to schedule a free 30-minute SEO consultation, e-mail, or call (303) 587-9647.

Our SEO training company is based in Denver, Colorado, and we work with marketing teams throughout the U.S. and Canada. Jennifer Croft has 14 years experience in SEO and has conducted more than 650 SEO trainings, for groups of all sizes.