Tracking Keyword Ranking Positions Training

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Keyword ranking positions are one of the ways to track whether your SEO efforts are paying off. For a specific keyword phrase, are you in a higher position on Google, the same position, or a worse position, after you have spent time and/or money trying to improve SEO?

If you’d like to know how to effectively track keyword phrases and groups for better SEO measurement and reporting, you will love this SEO training.

In this customized SEO training, you’ll learn:

  • why it’s important to track keyword ranking positions over time
  • how to track keyword ranking positions on Google, using different tools
  • how to perform keyword research in order to know which keywords to track
  • how to effectively group the keywords you’re tracking for meaningful SEO reporting
  • how to evaluate your site’s performance using keyword ranking positions
  • how to evaluate a page’s performance using keyword ranking positions
  • how to compare your keyword ranking positions with those of your competitors
  • how to guesstimate increases in traffic to your site based on specific keyword phrases ranking higher on Google (e.g. moving from the #7 position to the #3 position in the search engine results for a specific keyword phrase)
  • how a single “broad” (1-2 words) keyword phrase can indicate how well you might be performing for 10-20 similar keyword phrases, as well as other “long-tailed” (3 or more word) keyword phrases

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