SEO And PPC – How They Can Work Together

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SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) are two different online marketing strategies that can produce drastically different results. With SEO, you make improvements to your site in order to attract free, organic traffic for years to come. With PPC, you pay to get to the top of Google, bidding against other companies for specific keyword phrases. Both SEO and PPC have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Come to this SEO and PPC class, and you’ll learn which strategy will be best for you and how these two types of digital marketing can complement each other.

In this customized SEO and PPC training, you’ll learn:

  • the similarities and differences between SEO and PPC advertising
  • when to use SEO, when to use PPC, and when to use both
  • how to perform keyword research for SEO and PPC
  • how to get started with PPC
  • the cornerstones of successful PPC advertising (keyword phrases, negative keyword phrases, ads, campaigns, bidding strategies, and landing pages)
  • whether or not to bid for your own branded phrases
  • how to track conversions and sales from SEO and PPC
  • how to set up performance reporting for SEO and PPC

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