Customized SEO Training For All Types Of Marketing Teams

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Google uses more than 200 parameters to decide which pages to send to the top and it changes its algorithm thousands of times per year. But the basics of SEO have remained the same for years, and we can train you and your marketing team how to implement simple, effective SEO strategies that will attract qualified traffic for years to come.

Customized SEO Trainings That Take The Mystery Out Of How To Get To The Top Of Google
Our expertise lies not only in understanding the complexities of SEO, but in boiling SEO down to easy-to-understand components and action steps you can take immediately to increase your online presence.

Every time someone adds something to your website, or makes a technical change, it takes the same amount of time to do it right – with SEO baked in – as it does to do it wrong. Let us show you how to easily start incorporating the best of SEO into everything you do on your website!

We’re pleased to offer a free consult, so that we can find out what type of SEO training you need and how we might be able to provide it.

Customized SEO Training For Marketing Teams
We offer SEO training and consulting for all types of marketing professionals and marketing teams, including:

Customized SEO Training At All Levels
We can customize an SEO training to your exact needs and the skill levels of your team. Some of our most popular SEO trainings include:

SEO Training For All Types Of Marketing Professionals
We offer SEO group training and consulting for marketing teams, with all types of professionals, including:

  • marketing specialists
  • marketing managers
  • marketing account supervisors and managers
  • marketing project managers
  • marketing directors
  • VPs of marketing
  • chief marketing officers (CMOs)
  • writers / copywriters
  • social media specialists
  • PR specialists
  • branding specialists
  • user experience and UI designers
  • website designers and developers
  • pay-per-click specialists (AdWords, Facebook, and other types of paid advertising)

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Note: Jennifer Croft has 16 years experience in SEO and has conducted more than 650 SEO trainings, for groups of all sizes. Our SEO training company is based in Denver, Colorado and we work with marketing teams throughout the U.S. and Canada.