Types Of SEO Training

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SEO isn’t a skill that’s particularly easy to learn on your own. Google uses more than 200 parameters to decide which sites to send to the top of its results, and it changes its algorithm thousands of times per year. Those two facts alone make a lot of people shy away from SEO, because SEO just seems too complex and daunting. Few people believe they can learn it, much less master it.

Build From The Basics Of SEO To Advanced SEO
Yet, once you know the basics of SEO – including which of those 200 parameters are the most important – it’s easy to implement simple changes to your website that will pay dividends for years to come. And an advanced understanding of SEO can help you build on your skillset, become more focused in your efforts and combine sitewide strategies with specific page and keyword phrase tactics.

We’re pleased to offer customized SEO training for marketing teams across all industries. Remote trainings, in-person trainings, or a combination of the two – you can choose the type of SEO training that works best for your marketing team.

All of our SEO trainings are customized to focus on your website, your industry, and the needs and goals of your marketing team. Whatever your SEO knowledge and skill level, we will meet you where you are and help advance your SEO practices.

Customized SEO Trainings For Marketing Teams
Our most popular customized SEO trainings for marketing teams include:

SEO 101 Training: A great introduction to SEO for marketing specialists, writers, and web development teams.

Advanced SEO Training: A deeper dive into SEO that incorporates more advanced SEO strategies and practices.

SEO Writing Training: An SEO writing training that focuses on how to write great copy that appeals to visitors and can perform well for SEO.

Advanced SEO Writing Training: A deeper dive into more advanced SEO writing strategies, including “SEO magnet” pages, content clusters, line editing for SEO, and more.

Top SEO Strategies Training: An SEO strategies training that focuses on the top approaches that will help your website perform better for SEO. These tactics are different for every website, and we customize the training with specific strategies that your marketing and web development team can implement to make your site perform better for organic search.

Design Your Own SEO Training: You can pick exactly what you would like your marketing team to learn about SEO, and we’ll create a custom training program. The training session(s) can cover a variety of SEO topics, and include beginner and/or advanced SEO strategies.

We offer SEO training and consulting for all types of marketing teams, including:

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Please note: Our SEO training company is based in Denver, Colorado, and we work with marketing teams throughout the U.S. and Canada. Jennifer Croft has 14 years experience in SEO and has conducted more than 650 SEO trainings, for groups of all sizes!