Testimonials For Jennifer Croft’s SEO Trainings

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Since 2008, Jennifer Croft has conducted more than 650 SEO trainings, from one-on-one SEO trainings to group trainings to workshops with hundreds of participants.

Below is feedback from participants about Jennifer’s teaching style and trainings.

“Jennifer is such a good presenter. The way she frames SEO is so accessible.” 

“Jennifer has such a great way of engaging people in the process of learning and practicing SEO.”

“Very engaging and interactive.”

“Very thorough explanation of SEO.”

“Great! Jennifer did a wonderful job of individualizing the content across participants.”

“Really fun! Jennifer loves SEO and loves sharing her experience.”

“Jennifer me the tools and encouragement to start doing SEO.”

“Jennifer was great! Very knowledgeable and laid out learning points in a very accessible manner.”

“Amazing, energetic.”

“Engaging, well-organized, enthusiastic about the subject.”

“Very organized, lots of great info, good for all levels.”

“Informative and thorough.”

“Very friendly and informative.”

“Very good, very experienced.”

“Funny and knowledgeable.”

“She is dynamic!”

“Great information and resources.”

“Entertaining and informative and shared great tips and strategies.”

“Good info and energy, very knowledgeable.”

“Great and knowledgeable teacher. Nice that she had clear, real life SEO experience to share with us.”

“Great specific content and SEO advice. She made every effort to encourage participation, answered every question.”

“Very engaging and topic-relevant focus.”

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