Jennifer Croft, SEO Trainer And Consultant

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candle in it.”

Margaret Fuller, American Author from the 1800s


In early 2008, I spent about 1,000 hours learning SEO, on my own, before I went out and got my first client.

During that heady time, I read everything I could get my hands on (including Google’s patent application), tried to figure out the 200 parameters Google used to determine which sites to send to the top and tested my theories and guesses on my own websites.

By the end of my intensive self-guided SEO study, I had a really good understanding of how Google worked (hint: at its core, Google is a library) and could convey the essence of SEO down to a 3-hour training, or even a 30-minute presentation.

Since that time, I’ve worked on more than 600 websites and have put in upwards of 33,000 hours working on SEO projects.

I’ve also conducted more than 650 SEO trainings, from one-person trainings to team trainings to workshops for hundreds of people. I’ve delivered many of the SEO trainings remotely (long before Zoom became a thing) and presented others in person.

My goal with every SEO training is to break the complexities of SEO down to its simplest parts. I want to make SEO easy and accessible…and even fun!

I want people to understand that SEO can be one of the most effective types of marketing they will ever find. I want small businesses, and non-profits and corporations to believe that a search engine can spread their information farther than they had ever imagined and introduce them to people they otherwise never would have met.

Because that, to me, is the breathtaking beauty of SEO – a phenomenon which I would love to share with you and your team.

Jennifer Croft


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